Trailhead Kite Presentation

Friday, March 11, 2005

What is Trailhead Trade Show

Every year around March Break, Trailhead organizes a trade show to invite the various manufacturers to introduce new mainstream out-door gears and provide demonstration of the new gears to the consumers. The trade show normally has two areas:

  1. Main show area featuring manufacturers and retailers of top name outdoor gear, outfitters, schools, adventure travel companies etc. Main stage area will feature Olympic medal winning athletes, prize-givings and displays. Seminars and 'How To' demos back to back every 45 minutes throughout the weekend.
  2. Demo area open all day Saturday and Sunday with cutting edge pro demos, come-and-try-it sessions, family races, slalom competition etc.

Trailhead Kite Presentation

For 2005, Trailhead and VL-Kites has teamed up to provide the first Kite Presentation at a main stream out-door gear trade show where kite equipment will be shown together with other main stream products such as bicycles, golf, cross country skis, clothing, canoes, kayaks, etc. The event was originally planned with kitesnowboarding and kiteskiing demonstration but could not be done in the end due to the space limitation of the surrounding area.

Since there was no kite demonstration, VL-Kites has not requested for any sponsorship from any kite manufacturers; however, Ottawa Outdoor Magazine has endorsed the event and provide free copies of the magazine (which has an article on kiting on the snow) to be distributed to the audiences.

Following are the photos and report of the kite presentation and the trade show:

Hung in front of the custom-made LEI
Kiting presentation shares the same spots as other main stream stuff (Martial Arts, Comic, Urban Planning, Tourism, etc.)
May, Dan and Sao help to prepare the stage All types of kites, LEI, foil and framed kites to be presented to the audiences
Presenting the LEI and foil kite
Presenting the frame kite
Hung's answering questions from the interested audiences (in the foregrounds are copies of the Ottawa Outdoor Magazine and the Ottawa Kiting Fact Sheets)
Martin's answering questions and showing the control bar to the interested audiences
Dan, May, Hung and Sao in front of the canoes Dan is holding the Ottawa Kiting Fact Sheet Dan and May are kitesnowboarders
Artic canoe and white water kayak. "Can I use a kite with it?"
Sea Kayak. Looks great for kite kayaking
Very stylish clothing people! Melissa is also a kiter!
High Quality Bicycles! "Can I use a kite with it?"
Spring is here: Go golfing when there is no wind!
Ice climbing shoe
Tents for kite excursions in the snow countries!
No wind? Go cross country skiing
Crowded places? Use a Skatewing