Britannia Ron Kolbus Lakeside Center Redevelopment Meeting

Today Councillor Taylor met with 15 user groups of the centre and surrounding park (Ottawa Kiting being one of them) to discuss what they currently like and dislike, and what they want to see happen with the newly designed Ron Kolbus Lakeside Centre. Ottawa Kiting representatives went to meet the city today to discuss issues and ideas related to kiteboarding at Britannia. The meeting went well and the city seemed interested in making the park better for all users. The city did stress that this was just a first draft proposal and changes could still be made. Some interesting highlights were the possibility of a webcam\wind meter on the pier and improved showers and change rooms.

Here's a few things I took from the meeting:

  • we should be looking at having an association. The city likes to know they are dealing with someone who represents the group, and if that person were to move away, they'd have more continuity with whoever takes over. Seems to me that doing it through OKA might be the easiest way, if we can somehow create an Ottawa chapter.
  • number of parking spaces - the initial plan was not something with counted out parking numbers. They figure there will be more then enough parking most of the time, and never enough on a super nice day. Expect roughly the same amount, and not a massive increase.
  • reasons for considering moving parking space from current location - connects more green space together instead of having unused area to the south of the parking lot. Also, looking out from building to see parking lot is not very aesthetic. Having said that, they do recognize the need for gear access at the beach.
  • the possibility of a gear drop off was mentioned, and we were quick to point out the issues with gear security and that this is not a good solution
  • Did you know there are hot showers outside the building currently?
  • They would like to have more attractions there to serve the community, rather than have the building empty. They even mentioned having something where there would be more of an indoor place to hang out if waiting for wind or if the family is tagging along and looking for other stuff to do.