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15 April 2013
VAKE 2013 Race - H2 Continental Story
By Peter Hauderowicz. Team H2 Continental. Peter Hauderowicz (Canada) and Andre Hauderowicz (Norway) VAKE (Veranger Arctic Kite Enduro) is the world elite kiteboarding long distance race. It is 190 km from start to finish through each checkpoint, but that distance can double when you add in all the upwind tracking and avoiding obstacles.
18 February 2013
Ottawa Kiteboarders give back in Cabarete
BY John Donovan. I recently returned from a 3 week kiteboarding trip to Cabarete in the Dominican Republic. I love Cabarete! It is one of my favorite places to visit. I started my trip with 10 days hanging out with my friend Luciano Gonzalez at his newly opened surf camp LG Surf Camp. Luciano is a former Red Bull sponsored pro rider and 3 time Masters of Ocean champion.
Kiting in the Sahara
12 December 2012
Kiting in the Sahara
BY NICOLAS PHAM-DINH Picture yourself riding limitless flat-water between between picturesque sand dunes in a small desert oasis. Welcome to Dakhla, which means “entrance” in Arabic, a 30-mile long lagoon at the westernmost edge of the Sahara desert. Warm water and near constant winds make Dakhla a paradise for wind sports. Its remote location and lack of amenities keep it from being a...
28 August 2012
Learning to Kiteboard in Bali
BY KONRAD KYC Bali really needs no introduction, as it's synonymous with many cliches, or quite simply a heavenly stay. It is one of the premier tourist destinations having an amazing combination of lush landscapes, incredible surf, sunny beaches, rich and vibrant culture and open and friendly people. If you travel there, you'll often be torn whether to explore the island and enjoy its beauty or...
27 July 2012
Kiting in Oliphant/Sauble Beach
BY JOHN DONOVAN (Originally posted on the OttawaKiting Forum)