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Ron Kolbus Redevelopment
15 April 2015
Britannia Park Redevelopment - Working Group Update
About 3 weeks ago, on behalf of the local kiting and windsurfing community our representative attended a meeting of the community working group for the redevelopment planning of the Ron Kolbus Centre and Britannia Park.  The following is a brief summary of the discussion and key take-aways from the meeting.
12 June 2014
Initiative to install WeatherFlow Wind Sensor(s) on Ottawa River
As the marginal summer wind months are upon us, we are looking into getting more accurate wind sensors for our region. Through the recent community discussions, we can all agree that the current in-land sensors such as the one at the Ottawa Airport do not give us accurate enough readings for the purpose of kiteboarding on the river, and also do not provide the updates frequently enough. Having a...
22 February 2014
Britannia Park Redevelopment Open House
The Bay Ward Councillor Mark Taylor invites you to an Open House and Information Session regarding the renewal of Britannia Park. 
20 September 2013
Off Season Sandbanks Access - Funding for a New Gate
Summary   Due to cuts to the Ontario government’s budget that had a significant impact on Ontario parks, 10 parks were to be closed and 130 fulltime and seasonal positions cut.   
24 January 2013
Launch of the new Ottawa Kiting Website
After a few months of preparation, dedication and hard work of the Ottawa Kiting community members, we are proud to officially announce the launch of our newly redesigned website. The 2013 is here and what better way to celebrate the (kiting) New Year than with the launch of a new website for our community (well, with the exception of more wind).