Photo by: Drew Haughton

Ottawa is gifted with shallow water and snow right in the city that make it one of the better places on earth to learn the wonderful sport of kiting. Furthermore, there is a few professional instructors in town that offer kiteboarding and snowkiting lessons:

Kiteboarding requires professional instruction, so don't be under the impression that you can read the manual, check out some You Tube videos and off you go. Learning yourself the “hard way” has resulted in accidents and deaths, so if you're thinking of picking up kiteboarding, it is strongly recommended that you take lessons with a professional instructor. Kiteboarding is a dangerous sport. Taking lessons will familiarize you with the safety aspects of the sport and how your equipment works. Knowing this means a safer experience for yourself and those around you. An instructor can watch and recognize immediately what you are doing correctly, and incorrectly, and make the proper appropriations for you in gear setup, if needed.