You can repair your kite bladders fairly easily as described on the Bladder Repair page of the Kitesurfing School Website.

You can repair minor tears on your kite by using sail repair tape (regular and heavy duty sail tapes in variety of colors can be purchased at the Chandlery marine store on Pouline near Richmond, 820-7642). For more serious tears (more than 3" or at stressful locations), they should be repaired by a professional.

  • Matthew Bastian Matthew.Bastian[at] (Matthew is also on the OttawaKiting group)
  • Doyle Ottawa Sail Makers, 832-3456 (They may and may not has experience repairing kites)

If you have problem with your harness or board straps, Steve Slaby, 225-6834 (Steve is also on the OttawaKiting group), may be able to fix them for you.